Will the Bighorn Fire in Arizona Cause Higher Risk of Flooding?

Experts are not sure how the Bighorn Fire in Tucson will impact flooding and water ways. The erosion may create flooding to areas that may not otherwise flood. Out of an abundance of caution it is inexpensive peace of mind to buy a private flood insurance policy to cover your home and contents. Typically a flood policy would only be available from a company participating in the NFIP flood program and there would be a 30 day waiting period. However, no with private flood insurance you may qualify to purchase a policy for protection starting today!

Working with a local Tucson AZ indpendent agency like Foxworthy and Associates, Inc. we can put a private flood policy in place immediately. For more info on what the experts are saying about the Bighorn Fire aftermath and how it may cause flooding to Tucson properties read the article here.

To see how much a flood policy for your Tucson or surrounding areas would cost just reach out to us directly by calling 520-797-9900 or email service@ally.inswebkit.com or visit our website today.